A ‘more secure’ Small Business file server?

I posed a possible solution for a multi-user, multi-company accounting strategy and took the concept deeper using the PC Software mentioned in my post: Multi-User, Multi-Company Accounting on an internal LAN (idea?)

The PC Server OS can be Windows 7, 8, 10 or XP and Windows Server 2003 to 2016
You don’t need to use actual Windows Server grade tower or rack.  RAID5 is a recommendation or at least Mirroring.

The newest release of this PC Software has a powerful new feature called ‘Open files on Client Side’.  Before this new feature, what happened when opening a file through an isolated  ‘File Explorer Window’?

Did the PC Software computer Startup and Open an isolated Acrobat Pro window for the User that Clicked on the server PDF?

I haven’t found it explicitly stated in the online docs, but if it can?
Then a User’s PCs infected with any crypto/ransom file infections, opening a ‘server’ file through a ‘server’ application window could not endanger the File Data on the isolated PC?

This theoretical idea of implementing existing software would be an intermediate step towards a ‘Thin Client’ workstation.  The Thinner it is, the Less Powerful it has to be and the easier it is to Replace.


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