Fictitious Memoirs of a Senior Tech Support Specialist

A fictitious Tech story to illustrate how people, with enough technical knowledge to make them dangerous, can create a business networking disaster.
(Remember, this is fiction as no real company could have all these problems. And if this fake company was hit with a Ransom Ware Virus it would literally be devastating). 

The Company Minds I will call:  Jackoff, Rudolph & Shitler.

In the beginning of this tale, Jackoff and Rudolph decided to (A) purchase nine Windows 7 Home computers at a discount store. (B) They were put Online without removing any 3rd party Bloatware and had either Expired Antivirus subscriptions or no Antivirus at all. (C) They attached the LAN cables and also activated the Wireless.  (D) A Desktop Synchronization Application was installed on all PCs to download and keep in Sync a constantly updating 50GB Cloud Database.

Next, (E) 8 iMac Desktops were connected to the company wired LAN and the company Wireless LAN. The iMac Users then chose to use the Wireless connection and not the Wired LAN connection.  (F) The iMacs were not Synchronizing with the Cloud Database, but they were uploading and downloading large graphic files or movies over Wireless.  (G) Hardware for the 18 internal computers using wireless was provided by two Apple Express Routers.

More to come, like…

  1. Important Passwords not being written and saved
  2. Problems managing the Accounting Books of Client companies
    (a solution?)  Multi-User, Multi-Company Accounting on an internal LAN (idea?)

    • The first approach was to connect the 3 PCs Accounting software to use the Client Company Cloud Synced Accounting files.
      • Permission issues and multiple PCs Updating the same Cloud Client Accounting data resulted in the Accounting files never being Saved OR Overwriting recently Synced Accounting files losing Transactions that were Saved previously.
    • The Second approach was to keep the Client Account files on 1 local PC and the other 2 PCs would connect to the PC with all the Client Accounting files.
      • The PC Sharing the Client Accounting data was infected with the most malware
      • 2 other PCs using the Accounting PC Data would sometimes update the wrong Client Accounting data file and Client Accounting Backup files were being saved to the PC Users cluttered PC Desktop
  3. Installing the Freely offered Windows 10 Beta upgrade on all PCs.
  4. The design of Cloud Database verbose folder and sub-folder names quickly reached the 256 character Path Limit
  5. On all the PCs, technical maintenance was never done; Windows 10 Major Fix upgrades were failing to install; Right-Clicking anything produced an invisible sub-menu
  6. I’m back, Let’s talk about Wired vs. Wireless Networks.
    After troubleshooting many of my client’s home networks including PC Desktops or iMAC Desktops, ( of course, Laptops, Tablets, Smart Phones, Smart TVs, Smart Printers, etc.), the pattern or preference was for the Desktop Computer to use the Wireless Network even when the Home Router is either under or on top of the same Desk.
    Fine for a Home Network.
    But many new business startups bring their successful Family of 5 Network design knowledge into a commercial office 9am-5pm working environment with 14 PC Desktops and 10 I-Mac Desktops, plus 4 laptops connected to the network by two Apple Airport Express wireless routers. They’ll defend their design as it works fine at home and new wireless speeds are as fast as wire.
    But I’ll add a bizarre twist, every Desktop currently HAD a network wire plugged in.  It could happen! And still their decision was wireless.  Add more wireless access points?  No 2 is enough.
    For a  Techie / Trekkie this is a Kobayashi Maru situation.

    The prideful new business owner’s shields will deflect anything you submit; White Papers, Tech Journals, Books.  
  7.  #6 above Plus the addition of, as (D) in the opening paragraph of this tale stated “A Desktop Synchronization Application was installed on all PCs to download and keep in Sync a constantly updating 50GB Cloud Database.”, using Wireless.
  8. How about Backups of sensitive company data?
    How about using a single External USB 5TB drive?  That Failed & was 100% unrecoverable
    It could be that the Home networking practices never see the need to invest in a Raid Backup or Server or up to date Working Antivirus.
    How much damage could a Ransom Ware Virus do to this imaginary Company?
  9. Imagine submitting evidence of the many exploits into the sensitive Company Data and the reply is “We don’t need so-and-so’s email account. Delete it please.”
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